An event exchange for sports betting


Our platform is designed to bring the deep liquidity of the world's highest volume financial markets to sports betting, ensuring consistently tight spreads and low transaction fees.

How it Works

EVEX offers event contracts for trading. Event contracts are a simple mechanism for expressing beliefs about the future.

If you think that the Warriors will beat the Cavs, you can buy a contract for this event. The contract will settle to a value of $100 if the Warriors win, and will be worth $0 otherwise. The current price of this contract will reflect people's belief in the likelihood of the event occuring; a price of $30 implies a 30% probability for the event.

These event contracts trade just like stocks. EVEX is committed to providing consistently deep markets through automated liquidity providers, ensuring that you get the best possible odds on your bet.

Contact EVEX

For inquiries about business partnerships, please email partnerships@evex.net